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Terms Of Service, House Policy, Privacy

All guests of The Padre Motel agree to abide by our Terms of Service & the House Policies outlined herein, upon receipt of payment.  The registering individual is responsible for and represents all guests that accompany them onto the property.

Reservation Cancellation

If it becomes necessary to cancel a reservation you must do so by 5:00 PM (Mountain Daylight Time, UTC/GMT -6 hours) on the day prior to your scheduled arrival date.  Cancellation can be accomplished through the reservation system or by notifying The Padre Motel by text/telephone at 435-826-4276.  Failure to cancel will result in a late/no show cancellation charge of $50.00.  Reservations and payment for lodging accommodations can only be made with a credit card.  In the unlikely event that we cannot honor your guaranteed reservation, we will reimburse you for the first night's lodging at a comparable motel or hotel.


All guests registering must be 18 years of age and must present identification (a driver's license or passport) upon check-in.  A secure OCR photocopy of guest identification and credit card will take place upon check-in.  Payment for guest accommodations are required at check-in with a valid credit card, no other means of payment will be accepted.


  • One well-behaved pet per room is permitted.

  • A pet cleaning fee of $25.00 will be accessed per room per length of stay.

  • Pets must be declared at check-in; failure to declare a pet will result in a $50.00 cleaning fee.

  • Pets must be attended to at all times; pets should never be left alone in a room or automobile.

  • Guests may be asked to vacate the property if their pet becomes a nuisance to other guests; no refund will be provided.

  • Pets must be on a leash or properly carried outside guest rooms.

  • Pet refuse must be collected and disposed of in the available trash receptacles.


Occupancy is restricted by the quantity of beds; two persons may occupy a room with one bed, no more than four persons may occupy a room with two beds.  Sleeping bags, cots, or furniture of any kind may not be used in a Padre Motel room by any guest; fire code requires a clear path to exit each room.

Cleaning Fees

All rooms are non-smoking; smoking or vaping in our rooms will result in a $150 cleaning fee, charged to the credit card on file.  Any pets not declared at check-in will result in a $50 cleaning fee, charged to the credit card on file.


Obvious & negligent property damage, or theft, within the property boundaries of The Padre Motel, will be documented and charged at cost to the credit card on file.


The Padre Motel will never willingly sell or distribute your private information that is required for the reservation and/or registration process.  All private information is gathered and stored securely.  Identification and payment scans are purged monthly.  The Padre Motel does not subscribe its customers to any marketing media or advertising campaigns.  Despite The Padre Motel's best efforts, it may be possible for operating partners, that provide the reservation and registration processes, to surreptitiously gather and utilize information gathered therein.

The Padre Motel will always endeavor to minimize or eliminate third party abusive capabilities.

Please contact The Padre Motel if there are additional privacy concerns.

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